Turn Leads into Calls on AutoPilot

Prospect Maestro helps companies, agencies and salespeople turn leads into calls through automation and funnels that are battle-tested to convert the highest so that you can stay focused on what you do best....



Funnels that convert

Easy, fast, optimized funnels that AUTOMATICALLY qualify leads, capture their contact info, and book appointments for you. Our industry leading conversion rates, combine with our one-click call booking technology and automated appointment algorithm to convert 40% to 68% of cold leads into booked appointments… on autopilot!

Automated 4 Channel Follow Up

Let's face it, leads don't always respond from the first touch and you never know whether they want you to message them via text, email or voicemail. You don't have to be a wizard anymore, just let the system automatically follow up on leads and just talk to leads when they're ready to respond.

There's a Whole Lot More

Appointment Booking, Pipelines, Round Robins, Reminders, Reports... and More!

Stop Wasting Time and Start Closing!

Thousands of sales teams have experienced explosive growth with sales and marketing automation.